Saturday, January 16, 2010

No more enemy...

Quarel, misunderstood, jealousy and hate cannot be avoided among human being. Especially when when you are doing something and some rules is unbreakable.Unfortunately, there must be someone who will have the opposite thinking way and break the rules according to its own stubborn(maybe) characteristic while in the same time you are the one who obligated to control the dicipline thing among them. Hence,we have no choice to betray our friendship instead of rules because we are responsible on it. But the time is the best way to cure our misunderstanding or quarel. When it comes to the right time,try to forgive what they had did and give a chance to them and our friendship. Perhaps, our relation will be better as compare to previous.Right now, i no longer have any misunderstanding or quarel with any of my friends. I hate to quarel with someone because of some lifeless rules and i didn't even hate them before. All of this stupid things is over, now i just got friends and no more enemy. It is hard to hate someone, so i prefer to forgive whoever make me get annoyed or angry. U know, this is my style, reality can't change forever......

Monday, December 28, 2009

Maybe im quite a busybody guy, but i help with sincere,although sometimes it could be wrong.

If my help comes up any problem,i'will say sorry.

If it really helps u up, it will be my gift by seeing your naive smile^.^

Maybe im an arrogant guy for u, but my concern always exists for u.

Haizzz~~~Anyway i will keep helping whenever u wan,will try my best^.^!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'P' STAR OF KH 2009

Hehahehahehaaaaa.........yoyoyoyo.......ladies and gentlemen.....proudly present this picture to all of you. This picture was took while im in tuition today. guys must wonder who is this Kwang Hua that me??? Nonono...of course not! As you know, tuition is very routine nowadays for almost every my friend just comes up an idea which is shown in this picture...haha. Then, who is this lucky guy that had been played or tested by us......Apple?? Isnt that is a kind of fruit....Why this word will sticked on this guy body......Is that possible this guy likes to eat apple very much...or this apple got another meaning.? Maybe it is a name of someone or 'someone' haha. I think all yours brain must be engulfed by many question marks...Lol,just investigate and inspect what is the correct meaning lah...haha

Saturday, September 26, 2009

S is S!!!

Exam is around the corner, and as usual I have to revise what had been taught by teacher. So according to my plan, today is Sejarah day. I'm quite sure many students didnt put any interest in this subject so am I. But as a student, we got no choice other than FORCE ourself to like it in order to get our results with flying colours although it is quite impossible. Before I open the Sejarah book, I keep saying to myself not to get into temper while revising this creeps because I still remember when I'm facing the mid term exam,I am so eager tear this book into pieces. The revision begins and everythings goes swiftly coz Im used to the chapter 1. When goes on to chapter 2, oh no! Those uncommon and weird names suddenly show up just like all the rain drops appear in the same time. I was just barely memorize part of it and my temper starts to rise up in instant but fortunately not so bad as last time. Chapter 2 talks about Yunani, Rom.................(all those rubbish). Hey man! Why should we learn all such useless things and make ourself suffer! Just assume that we are so pro til can memorize the whole book...but so what!!! Maybe just got ppl impress your capability, get an A in Sejarah and thats all. Go and ask those sucessful guy somehting bout Sejarah.... For example..." you still remember who is Anaximander or Heraclitus??" ...... " Who the hell is that, dont ask such stupid question, get off!!!!!!!" Hmm.... I think thats the answer u can most propably get.
Haiz, although we try our best to memorize the whole book, eventually get an A in exam and afterall let all things just leave our brain naturally. At last, just a FORGET word u got and nothing else.......MEANINGLESS!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today,as usual I went to school to study. When I went to teacher's room, Mr Joshua, ourEnglish teacher which is also the one who organise the presentation yesterday. He called me and asked a quetion: 'Do U still angry of me'...?? When I heard this question, I feel so curious and stunned coz i wonder why teacher wil ask such unexpected question for me. I just quickly answered him that im not angry of him actually and this is just a misunderstanding. 'So U setttled down with her' he asked again. 'Yes' I replied without any hesitation coz I really apologize to her.Then the conversation over and I start to remind back yesterday incident.........Yesterday, when i'm going to leave the class, I said to teacher ' Sry for just now" and he said ' its ok...its ok..... I though U want sing Happy Birthday'song..........' . Without saying anything, I just went out coz dono wat tosay that time and I think that's why teacher wil misunderstood that i'm angry of him. My friend Andrew just help me explained to him...Thank God....

Still remember when I was in form 2...I saw Mr Joshua teaching the form 5 class and he had punished many students....maybe they didnt done their hmwork or other reasons la.......Then my first expression at him is Mr Joshua is a fierce teacher and hope that I wont so 'lucky' to be teached by him....I mumbled myself. When I reached form 4 and just noticed our english teacher is Mr Joshua..!!! OMG!!!!!!!! I'M REALLY LUCKY!!!!!!!!!

Hiaz... when he first time gt into our class, all of us just kepp quiet like a small rat... and still remember Wei Leong, Jieh Sun and also Zhong Cheng, three of my classmates had been punished by him because they wont able to attend his class in time. This event had deepen my bad expression towards him.. BUT, as the time goes on, it had proved that actually Mr Joshua is a good teacher.... He teach us very well and always organize many presentation and special activities to us so that we can accustom ourself when we study in high school. I love those presentation and activities very much because I like to do something special and crazy in front of my classmate so was Andrew... We always make our presentation special and when we asked Mr Joshua permission bout that, 100 % he wil agree. He seldom scold our class even though sometime we all really noisy coz we already know that he is a good teacher and wont simply sclod students. Me and Andrew always make jokes in his class when he is teaching and we all really enjoy his class.

Lastly I hope that he really can understand that im not angry of him actually from beginning til now. Also hope he wil continue give us more interesting presentation and activities to us and for sure I wil try to make it as special as I can. Yeah............................................

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Totally Pissed Off Today

Today, again is our english presentation. Our teacher wan us to play songs each group and my group(me and Andrew) decided to sing the song to our class. But everything is not like wat we expected, especially when we wan to present one song named 'Lay My Love On You' to Brian because today is his birthday. Guess wat..!! They all just said where is the lyric..........dont have the lyric............and the worst thing is they interrupted by singing Happy Birthday song. Because of no lyric, they just done such cruel thing, wat I wan is just to sing a song to my good friend, Brian and hope that all class can cooperate wif me and Andrew but they just..................Hey man, try to imagine when u really wan to do something sincerely and seriously, and someone just pour u the cold water and the SOMEONE I mean is my classmate,my friend!!!! I dont think none of u will never get angry. Me and Andrew had train so hard because of this presentation, but we didnt get what we expected and they just bring us a reward that is HUMILIATION.Haha...wat a 'good' present that me and Andrew ever received. We do all of these just wan to cheer up all our classmate coz we think if we did not do something special, the presentation will be very boring. We dowan our class just like form 1 til form 3, just keep doing wat teacher said and nothing special. I didnt mean tat listen to teacher is a wrong thing but we just wan to have some innovation on it with the permission of teacher. Later, I talk to Ven Siew and said that they are overeacted and shouldnt done that and she cry. Andrew said I shoudlnt treat a girl like tat, but im just talk to her in the most manner way I can in the pissed off condition. This is the first time I make a girl cry, I think it's my fault to do that but I really really cannot control myself when im in angry condition. Anyway, me and Andrew had try our best in this presentation and hope we can cooperate again next time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What The.....................!!!!

Today is our group bio presentation. At first, I just thought it will be very boring coz all we gonna to do is just come out and read out the gens we had prepared. But i'm so curious why my friend, Andrew said our bio presentation wil be very interesting and i really cant imagine how fun could it be no matter what. Right now is our time to start the presentation,before that , Andrew go and set up all the things while im just sitting at my place thinking of other thing coz im not so interested in this presentation. When everythings had been set up, suddenly my photo came out as the cover of the presentation with some dull words added by Andrew. That time I was so shock coz all my classmate is looking at the picture, wat else can I do other than just cheer up with them. The picture is not bad too....haha..... but it is really not my idea and hope my friend wont think im a super 'ss' guy lo coz im not (just believe it). After that, I quickly start our presentation by introducing our topic that we going to present hope that they wil forget bout that photo and in between the stupid Andrew say still gt many EDITED photo of me and gonna show it after the presentation. Holy shitttt....!!!!! I instantly turn up a bit angry so that he wont do that. Fiuuuh........thank god he didnt show all those photo, if not,.... my image........haiz, dono how to describe liao............By the way, teacher said our presentation gt the highest mark among the other group that had done their presentation. Hmmm........maybe my picture bring luck to my group haha......just joking. %^>^