Saturday, January 16, 2010

No more enemy...

Quarel, misunderstood, jealousy and hate cannot be avoided among human being. Especially when when you are doing something and some rules is unbreakable.Unfortunately, there must be someone who will have the opposite thinking way and break the rules according to its own stubborn(maybe) characteristic while in the same time you are the one who obligated to control the dicipline thing among them. Hence,we have no choice to betray our friendship instead of rules because we are responsible on it. But the time is the best way to cure our misunderstanding or quarel. When it comes to the right time,try to forgive what they had did and give a chance to them and our friendship. Perhaps, our relation will be better as compare to previous.Right now, i no longer have any misunderstanding or quarel with any of my friends. I hate to quarel with someone because of some lifeless rules and i didn't even hate them before. All of this stupid things is over, now i just got friends and no more enemy. It is hard to hate someone, so i prefer to forgive whoever make me get annoyed or angry. U know, this is my style, reality can't change forever......


  1. woo~ sounds cool~
    but yea, its good when we don hav enemy ^^
    still thr might b sumone hate u behind rite~ who knows~
    its just my thought~don think I m cursing u -0-

  2. i knoe...this cant be avoided anyway...but dont care la, as long as i duno who was it